Our Story


A weary, software engineer of Indian descent is working simultaneously on three computer screens in chilly San Hose and those straining eyes are giving way. Was the fit not right? Was the lens not good enough? What is it that made working long-hours on computers so difficult even after spending a bomb on eyewears, thought Mehul Jakharia. Millions face this problem but Mehul took it upon himself to find a solution. This was the seed of Eyewear Labs. Coming from a family of reputed eyewear manufacturers, Mehul ensured that this problem of uncomfortable yet exorbitantly priced eye fashion is solved swiftly.
Eliminating middle men, Mehul thought of creating this platform to bring affordable eye fashion to the forefront but what he realized was more than anything else, it was the lack of awareness amongst consumers that paved way to uncomfortable and unsuitable eyewear on most faces in India. To eliminate this problem, he created the most efficient and first ever MY FIT Tool helping consumers understand their face shape and the frame shape. FIT TOOL consists of different face shapes such as oval, heart, square and round. Understanding one’s face shape is the most helpful tool in finding one’s ideal glasses. The width of a cheekbone or the angle of a jaw, influences the effect of certain frame shapes on a particular face. Thus, the website revolves around the FIT TOOL which narrows down the result by Face Shape and Size thus giving the consumers the perfect look. The Process of MY FIT Tool is very simple: Select Gender > Select Face Shape > Input estimated head size (small/medium/large). The MY FIT program then computes the information to give the customer selected frame options that will complement their face. This tool eliminates confusion usually faced by the customer when they are presented with a daunting amount of options that are all over the shape spectrum. The MY FIT tool provides just the right selection of frames carefully curated, according to the customers face.

The other major product of Eyewear Labs is Anti Blue Ray Lenses for all types of frames. It is the best protection against today's increasingly digital world. Nearly 70 per cent of Indians experience digital eyestrain due to prolong use of electronic devices. Screens surround everything and everyone from children to adults. The anti blue ray lenses protect your eyes from the light emitted by your screens.



With a team of passionate designers, their own optical lab and using in-house professionals, Mehul and his team take responsibility for each and every pair of lenses and frames. Eyewear Labs is created with the motto to always have customers as top priority.

The team is extremely excited about the future plans, too. Going forward after the launch of the website, they aim to increase the spectrum of eyewear products they offer. “Bringing in quality eye products, ranging from lenses to sunglasses to digital protection or night driving glasses, this will be the main focus of our team here at eyewear labs. This website aims to be the standard for quality and trust, so that you can relax and leave the hassle to us,” concludes Mehul.