5 Must Have Sunglasses For Women Under Rs.1500

5 Must Have Sunglasses For Women Under Rs.1500

A pair of sunglasses might be a tiny part of your wardrobe but they have mighty power to elevate your style instantly. With the right pair of shades you can slay all your looks and be in your element always. Here are 5 Must Have Eyewearlabs Sunglasses that can add that extra oomph to your outfits:


1. Olive Lady

Sometimes, simple is significant. If you’re looking for nothing more or less than a sweet pair of shades, the ‘Olive Lady’ sunglasses are made for you. They’re functional, too. The tips are made of lightweight alloy, meaning the frames won’t rest as heavily on your face. These shades are perfect if you want a good blend of minimalism and style.


2. Vision Black

These are the perfect shades that help you chill in style. Blue is the chilliest color. Everybody loves the calm vibes it gives off, whether they’re looking at a light blue sky or a dark blue lake. With these shades you can embody that very chillness, which makes these glasses perfect for vacations. The dual tone frame is designed to be seen. 


3. Misty Apple Pink

'Misty Apple Pink' hits all the right notes. The shape is both time-tested and in vogue; you can rock them five years from now with the same confidence you do today. They’re also backed by trademark Eyewearlabs color, making for polarized shades that pop. 


4. Raven Delight 

‘Raven Delight’ is designed to be a high-water mark in your style evolution. They are polarized for your pleasure and styled for supreme satisfaction. The lavender lenses are ringed by a tortoise pattern that Pops. 

5. Nova Black

Refresh your look with ‘Nova Black’ sunglassesThese shades boasts first-class style with a statement frame encircling classic black polarized lenses. This cool contrast of bright and neutral tones is reflected in the temples, which pop with an entrancing tortoise pattern. Put simply, these sunnies are set to invigorate not only your outfit, but your entire day.

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