1-When can I expect my order?

The processing time depends on several things: the type of order, whether your order is complete (Do we have your prescription and PD?), and when you place it. The good news: Shipping is free!

Here’s what you can expect: 

Order type Estimated delivery time
(Order Process+ Quality Check+ Dispatch Time)
Single-vision prescription: 0 to +/-3
Above +3 and Below -3 power
5-7 business days
7-9 business days
Progressive prescription:
(currently unavailable)
10-12 business days
Specialized lenses (1.67 high-index and higher): 10-12 business days
Non-prescription (Zero Power, Digital Screen Lens) 3 business days

Note: For high-cylindrical, eyeglasses lenses or unusual prescription, shipping can take up longer than the time mentioned above.


2- What does shipping cost and How to check my order status?

  •  Shipping is free for all order.
  •  Checking Order Status: Once your order is shipped, we shall send you an email with the tracking information. Else, you can contact us by email or call to check status of your order by providing the order reference number.

Restriction Applicable on Discount / Flash Sale

  •  Max quantity allowed per user to buy under any sale period is 2 quantities.
  •  All sale / discount pricing is applicable to customers only.
  •  Eyewear Labs reserve the rights to cancel the orders in case we find out that the product is not bought by end consumer