5 must have Sunglasses this summer

5 must have Sunglasses this summer

A recent survey showed that March 2022 was the hottest month Mumbai had ever experienced. Now that offices have resumed offline work, traveling in the scorching sun is unavoidable. It’s the season to rack up your closets with heat-protecting sunglasses. 5 sunglasses that provide UV ray protection as well as glam up your look.

1. Iceman Blue Eyewear- These blue-coloured sunglasses are large in size protecting most of your eyes from the sun's heat. Its design makes one a digital fashion diva. They give a sporty and stylish look with their polarized lenses.

2. Donna Paulsen- Available in two colours, these sunglasses give you a chic look. Along with being aesthetically pleasing, they also protect you from harmful UV rays. What makes it likable is its new and bold frame. They make you look trendy.

3. Hawk Black X MN- Minimal, moreover, its black shade makes it compatible with all your outfits. Its matte finish gives you a sleek look. What makes this a unique steal is its nose breach and spring and screw design.

4. Green Goblin Eyewear- Its benefit is the look that its tortoise print temple provides giving you a new look altogether. Its gradient and mirror lens chrome. Its green and blue frame give the overall sunglass a natural vibe to it.

5. Falcon Silver Eyewear- With a translucent cyan frame gives off a cool vibe. Moreover, it has a multi-colored tortoise design.


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