Aparshakti Khurrana's Favourite Eyewearlabs Shades Revealed

Aparshakti Khurrana's Favourite Eyewearlabs Shades Revealed

Aparshakti Khurrana has recently joined the Eyewearlabs Family and we cannot be more excited about this collaboration. 

Aparshakti is known for his bold and unique fashion sense and he is sure to stand out in any room. The 'Stree' actor loves to accessorize his outfits with statement sunglasses.

Eyewearlabs has launched an exciting new range of sunglasses that are available in a variety of vibrant polarized colorways.

Aparshakti has been spotted in our best-selling 'Crystal Green' shades on Instagram recently and that is one of his favorite sunglasses.

The statement transparent frame and vibrant green lenses will surely make any outfit pop. They also have polarized lenses with UV Protection.

These are stylish yet efficient as they protect your eyes and also help you make a fashion statement. 

You can shop for the latest collection of premium sunglasses at Eyewearlabs and avail the latest offers on our website. 




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