Eyeglasses Types: Best Eyeglasses Frames for Men and Women

Eyeglasses Types: Best Eyeglasses Frames for Men and Women

One of the most sensitive organs are undoubtedly your eyes. Your eyes bear a lot of strain throughout the day and endure a lot of stress. Taking care of your eyes is very important, especially if you wear spectacles. Good lenses and a good frame are very vital for the comfort of your eyes and an enhanced vision. Picking the right frame for your eyeglasses can be a tedious task when you want the comfort as well as the style. We have made your job easy by putting together a list of the different types of Spectacle Frames available for Men and Women:



  1. Full Rim Frames

These are the most solid and strong spectacle frames because of full edge outline around the focal points. These function admirably and a give a striking appearance to the wearer's face. From delicate thin frames to thick ones, there is a huge variety of frames to pick from.


  1. Rimless Frames


For a straightforward, intricate and a mature look, rimless spectacle frames are ideal. The individuals who wear spectacles for long hours, these eyeglasses are a suitable alternative as they are lightweight when contrasted with the full rimmed eyeglasses.


  1. Semi-Rimless Frames


An incorporation of the other two styles, semi-rimless spectacles are neither substantial nor too light. The upper portion of the frame is covered by a stylish rim. They are available in numerous shades as well.



  1. Half-Eye Frames

They are just half of the regular frames. The upper rim sits on the nose and enables easy reading. They are specifically designed for reading.

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