Easy Guide for Tinted Sunglasses

Easy Guide for Tinted Sunglasses

Colored and tinted Sunglasses might be the latest fashion trend however the tints of your sunglasses serve different purposes based on their surroundings. We have the easiest guide to help you pick the right tinted sunglasses to suit your requirements available only at Eyewearlabs:

Use of tints:

Tints filter lights in various ways, and some tints may do a better job at blocking exposure than others. Tints facilitate enhancement of vision in certain circumstances.

Uses of Different Colored Tints:

  • Grey: Grey is a general neutral tint that permits the eyes to distinguish colors in their natural form. Grey tints diminish brightness and glare. Pick grey for driving and outdoor sports such as cricket, running or cycling.


  • Yellow/Orange: Yellow and orange colors improve contrast in hazy, foggy or low-light situations. These tints have a tendency to to make objects appear sharper both indoors and outdoors, but can also cause color alteration at times. Yellow shades work best for indoor sports and snow activities.


  • Green: Green tints filter blue light and decrease glare. They are also known for their high contrast and visual sharpness. Shades of green are very handy to reduce eyestrain in bright light. Choose green for hardcore sports such as tennis, biking and cricket.


  • Amber/Brown: Amber and brown shades diminish glare and shield eyes from blue light, giving them the ability to enhance vision on cloudy days. These tints increase visual accuracy by blocking the blue light, specially against green and blue backgrounds such as grass and sky. Amber and brown tints are ideal for fishing, baseball, golf, hunting, cycling, and water sports.


  • Rose/Red: Rosy shades boost contrast by filtering out blue light. These tints are soothing to the eyes and recommended for people who wear sunglasses for long hours. They also enhance vision while driving. They can be used while using computers to reduce glare and strain on eyes.

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