Experts recommend wearing Glasses or Sunglasses to prevent COVID-19 Spread

Health officials all around the world have already informed that refraining from touching eyes, nose and mouth can prevent the spread of coronavirus also known as COVID-19.

While everyone is using masks as a preventive measure many of us have forgotten to shield our eyes. COVID-19 can be transmitted into our bodies through our mouth, nose and eyes. The World Health Organisation has already informed people to not touch their face and eyes as a preventive measure.

Experts have suggested use of eyeglasses or sunglasses along with masks to effectively fight the deadly virus that has shaken the globe.

Wearing eyeglasses or sunglasses will also assure that you don’t unknowingly touch your eyes and will also protect your eyes against various other factors like dust, UV rays and exposure.

Glasses and sunglasses can also shield the eyes from infected droplets that a sick individual might spray while coughing, sneezing or talking.

We strongly recommend wearing sunglasses or eyeglasses along with mask and gloves to protect yourself against COVID-19.


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