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Picking the ideal pair of eyeglasses is never simple; it is a difficult task to pick the best frame from a wide range of colors and styles. In case you have been hoping to purchase prescription spectacles on the internet or simply want to try a new look; you can shop the latest trends at Eyewearlabs:



  1. Tortoise Shell Eyeglasses

One of the most blazing patterns this season is tortoise shell eyeglasses. They are made of acetate and come in various colours and shades, mirroring the skin of a tortoise. Pick from thick and robust styles to suit your inclinations. They are flawless to go with your everyday look.


  1. Clear White Spectacles


While tortoise shell propelled glasses are having their minute, they have still saved some space for clear white glasses. These are perfect for eyeglasses with power lenses. They look modest yet are chic. A larger than average combine can be an awesome pick, yet it should complement your face. With regards to shapes, go for square casings as they run well with round, oval and heart shaped face structures.  

  1. Golden Metal Wireframe Eyeglasses

Gold is all over the place, from garments to shoes and adornments, so why not eyeglasses? Metallic eyeglasses with brilliant shading are extremely popular and have framed a piece of the most recent accumulation of eyeglasses. They look rich and delicate and can be worn on most outfits. A round or square frame will help you make a trendy fashion statement.


  1. Dark Rimmed Eyeglasses

These are evergreen glasses for ladies and have been in vogue since long and still are one of the smash hits today. Whatever the subject of your outfit is-formal, easy-going or party wear, dark rimmed eyeglasses are ideal for each look.

  1. The Bright-Red, Pink, and Purple Coloured Eyeglasses

This season is more about wearing splendid hues. Also, ladies are grasping intense ladylike hues while picking styles on the web. From blazing reds to rich pinks and cheeky purples, every one of these hues make a great fit for the fashionistas. 


You can pick the most popular frames for women easily on Eyewearlabs from the comforts of you home.


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