Full Frame Vs Half Frame Glasses, Which are better?

Full Frame Vs Half Frame Glasses, Which are better?

While picking eyeglasses you often get confused between full framed and half framed eyeglasses. You can shop for the best eyeglasses at Eyewearlabs. Picking between Full frame and Half Frame eyeglasses can be a difficult task if you do not know the key features of the frames. Here are the 5 major differences between Full frame and half frame eyeglasses:

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  1. The style and design:

In a full frame spectacle, the entire lens is supported by a metallic or plastic frame. On the other hand, in a half frame spectacle, only the upper portion of the lens is held by a frame. Half frame eyeglasses are more minimalist.

  1. The overall look:

Full frame eyeglasses have a more refined look. It gives a prominent look to the wearer. Half Frame glasses are simple and more delicate. They give a subtle yet stylish look.


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  1. Weight:

Weight is an important feature while picking eyeglasses. Full frame eyeglasses are comparatively heavier than half frame eyeglasses. If you wear eyeglasses for a long duration throughout the day it is better to pick the half-framed spectacles as they are lighter.


  1. Lenses:

 If you are opting for thick lenses, it is better to pick full framed spectacles as they can take the weight of the heavy lenses. Similarly, if your lenses are thin it is better to have a sturdy full frame to protect them.


  1. Maintenance:

Full frame eyeglasses are sturdy but half frame eye glasses are delicate and are prone to damages. If you opt for half frame glasses you have to take extra care of them. So, if you want rough and tough glasses, it is better to go for the full frame eyeglasses.

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