How to tackle Work From Home Screen Time with Blue Light Glasses

How to tackle Work From Home Screen Time with Blue Light Glasses

The coronavirus pandemic has given many of us a chance to reevaluate our home office working conditions. With long duration of work hours, we find ourselves glued to the screens of our devices. Headaches, fatigue, sore eyes and dryness are all a part and parcel of the increased screen time caused by our work from home lifestyle. This is where Blue Light Glasses come to the rescue. 

In simple words, Blue Light Glasses or Blu Block Glasses are designed to filter out the toxic blue light emitted from devices. Blue Light Glasses work by limiting the amount of blue light exposure your eyes get every day. 

Excessive blue light exposure from devices is known to confuse your body and cause fatigue, sore eyes, and headaches. Blue light exposure can also disrupt sleep cycle and lead to insomnia. 

Eyewearlabs Blue light blocking glasses efficiently block out 30% of blue light from devices. Some studies suggest that they also increase the production of melatonin which helps enhances our sleep cycle. 

By wearing Blue Block Glasses you can protect your eyes against digital eye strain.

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