How to take care of your Graphic Printed T-shirts

How to take care of your T-shirts – 7 Useful Tips

It is a known fact that clothes lose their shape and color when they are not properly cared for. Graphic T-shirts can also lose their prints due to low maintenance. Worry not; Eyewearlabs has compiled a list of tips to take care of all your favorite printed T-shirts:


  1. Turn the T-shirt Inside Out before washing:

This is a simple trick with fabulous results. This trick will stop the colors from fading quickly and ensure that your graphic T-shirts look new for a long time.

  1. Wash all the T-shirts at the same time:

It is always better to wash clothes with similar fabrics and colors together. It is also advisable to keep clothing with zips and buttons away while washing so that they don’t tamper the printed T-shirts.

  1. Wash T-shirts with Cold Water:

Cold water is always better for printed garments as it prevents the print from fading away. Heat has the tendency to distill the ink which can cause the print to fade away. Hence always use Cold water for your Printed Graphic T-shirts.


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  1. Say no To Bleach:

Bleach is very strong and can affect the material and color of the T-shirt. On the other hand, Mild soaps and Detergents do a great job at cleaning clothes without damaging them.

  1. Don’t use Dryers:

Dryers can stretch T-shirts and spoil the shape of your favorite garments. Dryers can also crack the print on your graphic printed T-shirts.

  1. Dry your clothes in Shade:

Direct Sunlight can make the colors fade, hence it is better to dry your clothes in shade.

  1. No Ironing:

Heat is not good for your Printed T-shirts. If at all you need to iron your T-shirt, then it is advisable to use the lowest setting and the T-shirt should be turned inside out.

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