Tips to choose the right glasses which suits best to your face shape..!!

Tips to choose the right glasses which suits best to your face shape..!!

The only way to make glasses look good on you is to match them according to your face shape. However choosing a glass which suits you prefect, is a bit difficult job. But that’s were our job starts, to find a perfect glass for you.

Now the trick is to find the right suiting glass for you. Usually people think that any glass which is in trend will go god on them, but then there’s lot more to this .!!

At EyewearLabs you can easily choose the best glass according to your face shape and look good in frames.

This can be done by just finding out your face shape. Normally while buying a perfect glasses according to your face, you have to consider you face out of any 4 face shapes mention below:



  • Square shape faces:-If you are someone with a square face shape, they the only glasses which would go good you face shape would be a glass with ovals and rounded rectangular frame. Narrower oval and rectangular styles with rounded edges are great for softening a strong, square jaw and lengthening the face.
  • Round shape faces:-If your face is towards round shape, then the glasses which will suit your face shape would be with rectangular frames and contract bridge.    Angular, rectangular frames help elongate the face and a contrasting bridge makes the eyes look farther apart.
  • Heart shape faces:- For the people with heart shape faces, the only     glass frame which will look better on them should be a frame with half rim and cat eye shapes.If your face is wider on the bottom, try a half-rim style or a dramatic cat eye to bring attention up and balance out your jaw line.
    • Oval shape faces:-If your face shape is oval, the glasses which we’ll suggest you would be with top heavy frame and in butterfly shapes.If you've got broad cheek bones, but a narrower forehead and chin, look for styles that are thicker or darker on the top than the bottom, or try a butterfly style, which wings up and out slightly at the top.
    At Eyewear Labs we make it easy to find the perfect glasses for you. From Casual to trendy, we have a wide selection of prescription and non-prescription eyewear for every style at an affordable price.


    If you got any doubts regarding fashion and style or need a suggestion from the experts at EyerwearLabs, shoot as a mild at and we would be happy to serve you towards a better vision.


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