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Why Everybody loves Nerdy Eyeglasses

It’s a fact that eyeglasses are no longer just a necessity but also a way to make a bold fashion statement. Today people flaunt their geeky look with nerdy spectacles that add more charm to their personality. You can shop for stylish nerdy glasses at Nerdy is the new smart and here are some of the most loved eyeglasses that are a perfect fit for the geek inside you:



1. Captivating Clubmasters: 

If you want to look chic and smart, then clubmaster eyeglasses are perfect for you. With splendid regard for the eyebrow-region, these give you simply the perfect measure of articulation for individual style. They go effortlessly with formals as well as your easy-going casuals.


2. Round and Retro:

The Grandma’s glasses are back in trend. Printed or plain, round eyeglasses will convey incredible complexity to your elegance. A retro style to be glad for, these will absolutely change your appearance while you're reading a book or are celebrating off-hours.

3. Metallic Masters:

Metal Frames help you get the geeky look in a subtle manner. Try to combine these up with your energetic outfits to get incredible compliments from everybody. Pick from a variety of shapes and styles – all in metals - to be the cutting-edge fashionista.


4. Charming Cat-eyes:

 Be high on style yet proudly nerdy with cat eye glasses. Match them with different outfits and flaunt the studious appeal wherever you go in them.

5. Trending Transparent:

Transparent eyeglasses redesign your look in a jiffy. Both vintage and contemporary, these come in different thick and thin frames to pick from. Ace the most smoking eyewear style with straightforward frames and channel your inward nerd chic in them.


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