Why Can't You See The Screen Of Your Cellphone Through Your Sunglasses?

Why Can't You See The Screen Of Your Cellphone Through Your Sunglasses?

Everyone has been in the situation when they are trying to read a text message or check their email on their smartphone while wearing their gorgeous new polarized sunglasses on a bright, sunny day. But then all of a sudden, everything is dark on the screen. Take a moment to think before you start cursing Smartphone and throwing your phone in the lake. Your polarized sunglasses have more to do with it than your phone does. We'll explain why this occurs in this blog post and provide some excellent fixes from Eyewearlabs Sunglasses.

Why Are Polarized Sunglasses Important?

Let's first examine what makes polarized sunglasses special. They are made to lessen glare, particularly from reflective objects like glass, water, and snow. This is made possible with a unique filter that blocks strong, horizontally polarized light, allowing you to see clearly and take pleasure in outdoor activities without strain.

Like many other digital displays, smartphone screens emit light that is polarized in one direction, usually horizontally. The horizontally polarized light is blocked by the lenses of polarized sunglasses, making the screen look dark or even black.

There are certain problems with using polarized lenses to view your phone (or any LCD screen), however they are still widely used for other purposes. Since LCD screens already have a polarizing screen filter, things become complicated when you add another filter (your sunglasses). Here is a terrible illustration of what is occurring:

With your fingers split widely apart, extend your hand in front of your face (filter one). Put one hand behind the other and repeat the process with your other hand (filter two). Your fingers must be precisely lined up so that you can see what is behind them. However, because your fingers are crooked, they obstruct your vision. This is a straightforward illustration of what your smartphone screen filter and sunglasses filter are doing. But there is a quick cure for this. Turn your phone 90 degrees (from landscape to portrait, or vice versa). Your screen will then reactivate.

If you've ever wondered, "How do I know if my sunglasses are polarized?" then this is an excellent test for you. Rotate your sunglasses while holding them in front of an LCD. Congratulations, if you notice the screen beginning to fade through your sunglasses' lenses. You now possess an actual set of polarized sunglasses.


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