Frame Guide


We have 3 different sets of Eyeglasses: Small, Medium and Large. Each pair is measured across the smallest part of a lens, which is called the lens diameter. If the smallest part of the lens is from left to right, then that would be the lens diameter.
Lens Size
Small Medium  Large
Our Small Frames have a lens diameter of 50mm and less. Our Medium Frames have a lens diameter ranging from 51mm to 53mm. Our Large Frames have a lens diameter of 54mm and up.

Find your size

Looking for your best Eyeglass Fit? We've your back! There are 2 different ways you can easily find your size. We'll show you how! below are the methods, choose which works best for you!


1-Already Have Eyeglasses? Check the numbers

Take a look at the inside temple of your glasses. Some pairs have a three-number sizing code. If yours do, the measurements appear in this order:


lens diameter - 54  |  bridge width - 16  |  temple length - 140

Size Size-two


If your lens diameter measurement is:

50mm or less Shop Small Frames

between 51mm and 53mm Shop Medium Frames

54mm or greater Shop Large Frames

2-Measure your head

If you don't have a pair of eyeglasses on hand, measure your face from Ear to Ear with a ruler instead. For best results, hover the ruler over your face so that it hits right below your eyebrows.



If your Ear to Ear measurement is:

less than 4.5 inches Shop Small Frames

Between 4.5 and 5.5 inches Shop Medium Frames

5.5 inches or Greater Shop Large Frames



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